VIDEO: Greek Salad Recipe – Chop Scallions for Greek Salad a Layered Greek Salad

Greek Salad Recipe: Chop Scallions for Greek Salad a Layered Greek Salad

Learn how to chop scallions to make a layered Greek salad in this free online cooking video.

Now we’ll cut up our green onion our scallions just cut it in half and try to or even in thirds
to get a good bunch together about this length. You want to cut with a smooth moving keep
the knife moving and just I’m holding the scallions like this with a little claw the
thumb and the finger holding it together. And the 3 fingers on top hold it down and
you want to go about a 1/4" make little rounds1/4" ringlets. You just keep moving your fingers down as you go slice to down and if you keepyour knife moving you have a good sharp knife
it won't squash up these scallions. If you find that your scallion is just getting mashed
you want to go ahead and either find a sharper knife or sharpen up the one your using. We'll
just sprinkle that over the top of our orange pepper and then we'll sprinkle on our olives
and just distribute them around. And last but not least we'll crumble up our feta cheese
over the top now this can be wrapped up and stored like this over night. So if your having
a party or a get together and you want to prepare it the night ahead of time this works
great and you don't dress it, don't put anysalad dressing on it until just before you
serve it. Maybe 15 minutes before your servingit so that the dressing you'll put the dressing
on and it will have a chance to work it'sway down through all the vegetables and let
me just wash my hands. So the dressing will your pour it over the top it'll work its way
down to the bottom and as its being served you'll dig down all the way to the bottom
to get those cucumbers and tomatoes and allthe layers of the salad that we’ve made. On
the buffet table it just a beautiful presentation, you see the cucumbers you see the tomatoes
out through the glass and then the beautiful feta cheese on top as the white feta cheese
is a nice contrast to the red and the green.

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